Rydych chi'n edrych ar fersiwn wedi'i diweddaru o'r wefan hon - bydd eich adborth yn ein helpu i'w wella.


Rhaid chi fod ei eisiau!

Jack David Football Academy

Saesneg yn unig.

Over 13 years ago I was thinking of setting up my own company, Jack David Football Academy (JDFA).

The first ever response to my idea was, 'you're no David Beckham. No one will come to you.'

Lesson to learn if you are thinking of starting up your own business in Wales is you do not need anyone as you only need yourself. The key if you're thinking of starting a business or when you are operating a business is not listen to anything negative in your life. If you want something in your life - go and make it happen. 

I learnt from a young age that you cannot rely on anyone or any organisation giving you a job, 'here today and gone tomorrow.' - Therefore do not hold back and go out and get a job you want yourself.

Remember the only person who can stop you achieving is yourself, also you do not need to be like anyone else on this planet. Just be you - especially as we only live once.

Be proud of who you are always!

Through personal discovery the special ingredient with success on operating a business is making sure that you graft on every element to make the company work - including looking after all the small parts and the big parts which will inevitably make the company work and look after itself.

Remember to enjoy and love what you do! - Especially in the dark moments.

Surround yourself with the right, positive people and prepare yourself for any challenges. You can overcome all obstacles and achieve great things!

Over the last 13 years it has been a privilege to witness a wide scope of successes with my clients as they progress in a variety of ways - ranging from achieving international honours, signing with Professional Clubs, playing in Elite Academies across the UK - to playing regularly in their club team. It has been an honour to witness coaches develop from all levels and football clubs prosper. It has been a thrillingly, uplifting and extraordinary journey so far and still cannot believe JDFA has been operating over more than a third of my life.

Jack David Football Academy - Established on the 10 October 2009.

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