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Byw a gweithio yng ngorllewin Cymru

Living and working in West Wales is just an amazing experience. Having lived and worked in Cardiff for most of my 58 years, it has been a real eye-opener to come to a new area and adapt to the differences between South East and South West Wales.

Firstly, the pace of life appears calmer here. There are less traffic jams – unless you find yourself behind a tractor or a herd of cows or a flock of sheep – but people here just take that in their stride anyhow. Of course, in the holiday season, our roads do become busier, but to most local people that means that there will be more work available for them – even if it is only seasonal.

I have had several jobs in the five years that I have lived here and currently work at two different places, including Direst Nursing Services, as well as helping my husband to clean holiday cottages on the weekends. Most people who live in Pembrokeshire have more than one job due to the nature of the work available here and the seasonal factor.

Not having a major City in Pembrokeshire – with apologies to beautiful St David’s - has both pluses and negatives. A lot of buying and selling is done over the internet and by word of mouth, or else through local social media sites. The towns that we do have are slowly being rejuvenated and no one could fail to fall in love with the splendid beauty of Tenby or the quaint uniqueness of Narberth. I am lucky to have my work in both of those towns and I often pinch myself to think how lucky I am.

We are fortunate, wherever we live in Pembrokeshire, to never be far from a beach or from the countryside, so there is a lot more time for just soaking up the scenery and relaxing. People here are very welcoming too and despite being known as ‘Little England beyond Wales’ I have made a plethora of new friends through learning to speak the Welsh language. There are a lot of new Welsh language learners here as well as native speakers and this enriches our experience of our culture and heritage in Pembrokeshire – both above and below the Landsker line.

As a fairly new employee with Direct Nursing Services, I have been making new contacts across Pembrokeshire as part of my role, visiting Nursing and Care Homes across the County and getting in touch with locally elected members, newspapers, local radio stations and the health board, to name but a few. The Welsh has definitely been an asset.

Networking in Pembrokeshire is everything and if you have a good product or service, word will soon spread around. It is always gratifying to know that I am helping people here find flexible work, whilst at the same time helping our clients across the Health Care sector to fill last minute vacancies.

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