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Adele Stevens Counsel & Life Coaching was born from a need for my authentic truth. A professional Dancer for most of my life, with a diploma in Performing Arts and Performing Arts Business, my entire ethos was to 'entertain' and 'act' within whichever persona was needed for that particular job. I worked events in and around the UK and Europe. Travelling extensively, yet feeling a certain tug towards something a little more Authentic.

Something a little more 'life path' that reverberated with me on a spiritual level and was predominantly for the good of others. And so, www.adelestevens.co.uk was born.

At first a seed, the idea of creating something to combine my natural empathy and skills in intuitive therapy techniques, resonated strongly with those who desired personal, profound lifestyle changes, without the constant use of various medical professionals or medications, and so the idea grew.

Creating a business from scratch with no prior experience, within the realm of Mental Health and wellness, seemed insurmountable at first. However, after many months of research and study I had created a business plan, website design and marketing strategy I felt sure of. 

My initial aim, was to provide a session by session service for those seeking foundational lifestyle changes. For example, added motivation, health and self-care, schedule management, prioritisation etc.

I received certificates in Life Coaching and Life Coaching business and completed courses in Cognitive behavioural Therapy and Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy, all in an attempt to quell my curiosity and gain professional experience within the area.

Business Wales certainly provided me with a solid back drop of information throughout the entire process. A safety net of inspiring stories and motivation given that that they were only ever a phone call away.

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