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For many modern businesses, the term ‘security’ is immediately associated with firewalls, passwords and anti-virus software.

But while cyber security is undoubtedly crucial in this day and age, the security of your brick-and-mortar premises themselves can be just as important, if not more so. Overlooking the need for on-site protection and safeguarding can leave your business vulnerable to burglary and vandalism in the same way that weak passwords can make you vulnerable to hacking attempts.

Crime Statistics

In figures released in April 2019, the Office of National Statistics reported that 2018 saw an 11% increase in police-recorded robbery offences. More pertinently, the Crime Victimisation Survey published at the tail end of 2018 revealed that there were almost 8.5 million crimes committed against businesses in the year 2017. Somewhat unsurprisingly, retailers were hit hardest – of the 8.5 milloncrimes reported in the Survey, a whopping 8.1 million were committed in the wholesale and retail industry. By contrast, the manufacturing industry allegedly saw just 117,000 crimes committed.

But don’t get complacent if your business is outside the wholesale/retail category. More than anything else, these statistics prove that thieves, burglars and robbers are extremely opportunistic, seeing the slightest hole in a business’s defences as a golden opportunity.

Crime Trends

Before you send out an office-wide alert striking fear into the hearts of your employees, you should know that it’s not all doom and gloom on the statistical front. While robberies have increased, burglaries have seen a marginal decrease in the form of a 3% drop by the close of 2018. However, this came after a 6% rise in March 2018, and before that, a 3% rise in March 2017. So, while it is good news, it’s not exactly an all-clear.

Security Solutions

Luckily, there are a variety of ways to improve the security of your business premises, many of which can be implemented with minimal fuss, disruption or inconvenience. As experts in security, we at IDS Security Systems know a thing or two about how to safeguard business locations. We have been providing security solutions since 1996, and so we have a lot of experience in the field of business security. Here are some of the systems that – depending on the nature of your business and the site from which you operate – you may want to utilise in order to protect your premises:

CCTV Cameras

From traditional CCTV systems to digital IP cameras, state-of-the-art surveillance is key for on-site security. Remote-controlled systems that allow for remote enabling of site facilities (such as lights, doors and gates) can be particularly useful.

Intruder Alarms

A quality intruder alarm will provide 24-hour monitoring of your premises, along with round-the-clock updates and alerts. Some providers will supplement this by providing on-call engineers to give you a little extra peace of mind.

Access Control Systems

Whether it’s a single door or a multi-site network, access control panels are ideal for securing your internal and external entry points. These systems are commonly available in a variety of different configurations to suit your requirements, including electronic and magnetic door release, smart cards, fobs and intercoms.

Security Barriers

Particularly useful for parking sites, public buildings and commercial properties, security barriers are an efficient way to control the flow of vehicles and pedestrians to your site. These typically range in style from automated gates and barriers to rising bollards and turnstiles.

Fire Alarms

While not always crime-related, fires are one of the biggest threats to any property, commercial or otherwise. Ensure the safety of your premises and your personnel with a comprehensive fire alarm system that offers 24-hour supervision. Whether you opt for all or just some of the above, it’s important to take sensible measures to ensure the safety and security of your business and the people within it. If you haven’t already done so, well, consider this your wake-up call!

Blog by Jennifer Horan from IDS Security Systems

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