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Wireless charging

The irritation of tangled cables may soon be a thing of the past in offices as wireless charging technology hits the mainstream market. Rather than having to dig out the right adapter and then plugging in phones, laptops and office essentials such as lamps and printers, soon it’ll be possible to charge them more seamlessly using wireless solutions.

Video creation

Video is a very powerful tool which can be easily implemented into any area of any business to boost engagement and sales. This simple marketing tool is becoming very popular in the world of business with easy and now very cheap forms of video being used to organically promote a company. With popular social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook, which are used to promote businesses using images and videos for free by using a smartphone or computer. Videos get a far higher engagement rate over text or even some images - so make the most of video creation.

Augmented reality

Unlike virtual reality which creates entirely new environments, augmented reality displays digital information over the real world. Tools such as HP’s Aurasma make it easy for businesses to create apps that turn any object, image or place into an opportunity for an augmented reality experience. By scanning objects with the camera on a smartphone, augmented reality experiences allow ordinary objects to be brought to life with digital information. A presentation could be enhanced with facts and figures that appear to jump off the page.

Smart lighting

The light to which you’re exposed has a major impact on your mental well-being. Fluorescent lighting in particular can leave people drowsy and agitated, but solutions to this kind of problem can be scarce. Now, smart lighting devices are allowing teams to have more control over their work environment. Smart lighting devices can be controlled over Wi-Fi using smartphones or other devices. In addition to on and off functionality, these lights can be dimmed to the right level for your team’s requirements. Or, if fiddling with lighting levels sounds too tedious, it’s also possible to program the lights to follow a customised schedule.

While SMEs may not have the budget for their own technology department, there’s nothing to stop them taking advantage of the tools and options that are now easily available to make life and work easier. Simple and affordable solutions can quickly improve day-to-day operations, ultimately saving your business time and money.

3D Printing and scanning

Sometimes to get your head around an idea you really need to feel it in your hands. 3D printing technology has continued to develop and prices are falling. It’s never been easier, or cheaper, to prototype ideas rapidly or transform ideas into tangible products.

Until recently, however, creating the designs for 3D printed objects required digital modelling expertise and a lot of patience. Now, a whole range of tools and devices are available to scan real-world objects into computers so that designers can focus on what they want to change, without having to model every object from the ground up.

Cloud telephone systems

Most businesses will have some form of telephone communications, whether it’s a business line or a mobile number. Telephone communication is vital for businesses, whether it’s to make a profit, grow a customer database or communicate quickly with customers. So, making sure your telephone system in your business is going to be beneficial and improve your business and staff performance.

A cloud-based solution can benefit any size business, big or small, in any sector – allowing the business to run more efficiently whilst improving overall customer service. A cloud-based telephone system offers a feature rich service which users can implement into their business, to boost performance in any area or sector of the company to make sure it runs as smooth and efficient as possible.

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