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SEO a PWA: sut i wneud y gorau o apiau gwe cynyddol ar gyfer chwilio

Imagine your site interacting with a user as an application. That is, the user can install it on any gadget, receive notifications and work with it (even without an Internet connection). It allows users to use the latest features supported by modern browsers on a website adapted for mobile devices, creating the illusion of using a mobile application. It may sound like a wonder, but that product became popular and widely-used as soon as it entered app development markets – Progressive Web Apps (PWA).

Such type of the app is quickly emerging but there is a problem which makes many developers refuse providing PWA services and customers refuse upgrading their sites or stores to PWAs – Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Today we are going to convince them in SEO friendliness of PWAs.

The Advantages of PWA for Business
The essence of PWAs is quite simple – web pages or web applications look like mobile applications with similar interaction and navigation elements. The technology uses a certain concept in design, the latest features that support modern browsers, technologies and web APIs that work together, making it possible to create the best websites and mobile applications. This is an advanced form of responsive web applications with additional functionality. This opens up great prospects for promoting products on mobile devices. Obviously, over time, the progressive web apps format will supersede classic iOS and Android apps, especially for online stores. Like accelerated mobile pages, advanced web applications can complement the existing mobile version of the site, as well as a native application for iOS and Android.

  • Also, PWAs have such benefits which stand them out from other applications: PWAs work when the internet connection is bad and even offline. Because of this, the business doesn’t lose conversion: the user can put goods into the basket, browsing the site without an internet connection, and place an order when the connection appears.
  • Thanks to the cross-platform technology, you can develop one application, which will work on any device of any operating system. The same thing works for updates.
  • It is able to send push notifications.
  • PWA is an additional way to get traffic, for example, from the Windows Store.
  • Other sites may link to content in your PWA.
  • After installation, PWA can capture the entire user screen (as native applications do).
  • Installed on the home screen: PWA allows users to easily save shortcuts on the home screen, so your icon will be displayed next to all other applications on your mobile phone. It is very user-friendly and will encourage ongoing participation.

If you’re still hesitating whether you need to create a PWA for your business or not, try out PWAs which were already built and gained success worldwide, e.g. Wikipedia, 2048 and others which you can see in our recent blog article:   https://multi-programming.com/blog/examples-of-progressive-web-apps-in-2019

The Disadvantages of PWA for Business

  • PWA technology is quite new, and in many ways you have to act by touch. Creating a PWA will be a challenge in some way.
  • There may be failures in support from browsers. At the time of this posting, Progressive Web Apps supports Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge.......

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