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If you have been in business for a while and find your branding has fallen flat or you are moving in a new direction you might want to consider a rebrand. During the start-up phase entrepreneurs often are laser focused on product and market penetration without giving much thought to logo design and branding. Rightfully so the focus is on getting a business off the ground and generating a revenue stream. Neglecting logo design and branding during that phase leads to disconnect between what the business stands for and its branding down the line. Did you rush the logo design process and branding strategy early on?

If that’s the case you're most likely in need for a rebrand. This article will provide you with some helpful tips and resources to tackle your rebrand.

When Should You Consider a Rebrand?

Before hiring a graphic designer and jumping right into a creative brief it’s a good practice to review your competitive landscape. Which ones of your competitors are doing well? What does their logo and brand message say about them? Study their brand colours, fonts, slogans, etc.

How Do You Go About Rebranding Your Logo?

Once you make the decision that your logo needs a facelift how do you go about it? There are a lot of options available these days. Here are some affordable resources to get your started:

Hire a Local Graphic Designer

If you prefer face time and discussing your project over coffee hiring a Welsh graphic designer in your hometown is the way to go. One of the main advantages of working with a local designer is that she understands local customs and nuances. Depending on the designers experience this might be one of the pricier options but capturing the local flair in the design is often worth the cost.

Hire a Freelancer Online

There are a lot of great online platforms available that allow you to post your rebranding project for free. Once you submit your post you’ll get bids from graphic designers all over the world. Make sure to take your time during the interview process, ask for logo samples, check their reviews and discuss expectations. On sites like Fiverr (you can get a logo for as little as £10). Upwork  is a great alternative if you are looking for more experienced designers.

Design Your Own Logo

If you have a design or creative background this is an obvious option. Even if you aren’t well versed in Photoshop and don’t understand design principles there are options available. Do-it-yourself applications make it easy these days for non-designers to create their own logo and fulfill their other branding needs. Sites like GraphicSprings allow you to create your own logo in just a few minutes. The onboarding process is simple and guided. You simply enter your company name, slogan, choose your industry and then select a professional designed graphic that suits your needs. On most of these do-it-yourself apps you can then customize your text, graphic and download in high-resolution format.

Some Tips to Keep in Mind When Rebranding

Generally, logos that haven’t undergone a professional rebrand are too busy, using complex graphics, too many colours, effects and fonts. Here are six steps to designing a great logo. If you aren’t sold yet on keeping things simple study the evolution of most Fortune 500 company logos. You’ll notice over time they have gotten simply, reducing complicated fonts to simple and clean lines, reducing effects, etc. When you rebrand you logo try to stick to two, maximum three colours, choose a simple graphic and only one typeface.

 You’ve Got a New Logo, Now What?

Redesigning your logo is only the first step in your rebranding efforts. Depending on how much your new logo veered off the original design you need to rebrand all of your promotional items, staff merchandise, store displays, etc. Rebranding is never a cheap initiative but if done right it can give your business a nice boost and competitive advantage over stale competitors. Use the momentum of your rebrand and throw a launch party to introduce the new and improved brand to your clients, employees and other local stakeholders.

Blog submitted by Scott Smith https://medium.com/@scottsmithns

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