This Destination Management Plan sets out a visitor-focussed way forward for tourism development in the area. The Destination Vision is to develop Caerphilly county borough as a sub regional, overnight destination for visitors choosing to stay in the southern Wales region.

Caerphilly Destination Management Plan aims to:

  1. Increase tourist numbers - both day visitors and staying.
  2. Increase tourism-generated income within the county borough, tying in with the strategic vision of delivering long-term smart and sustainable economic growth.
  3. Create and safeguard tourism related jobs.
  4. Improve the visitor offer within Caerphilly county borough council.
  5. Increase visitor satisfaction.
  6. Improve the image and awareness of Caerphilly county borough council and its key sub brands as destinations.
  7. Improve the overall working relationship between tourism operators within Caerphilly county borough council, and in particular increase referral between products within the county borough.
  8. Increase usage of tourism products by Caerphilly county borough council’s internal market and the immediate markets of the Valleys, Cardiff and the Brecon Beacons.
  9. Build on strong products such as heritage, walking, leisure, cycling and mountain biking and encourage complimentary developments.
  10. To further spread business outside traditional summer season and the established visitor pattern, for example educational trips.
  11. Optimise the role of events in attracting visitors to the area and encouraging repeat visits.
  12. Encourage sustainable tourism development.
  13. Encourage sector-wide buy-in of carefully planned and targeted marketing of the tourism offer.

Project example

Stakeholders in the area compiled a list of planned projects that have a potential beneficial impact upon the visitor and/or the tourism sector as a whole. This list forms the basis of the Action Plan and includes - developing plans for visitor information and displays, developing the conference market, and working with partners to develop itineraries and linkages between heritage sites.