Cambrian Mountains

The Destination Plan for the Cambrian Mountains sets out a programme of activity for developing tourism in the region. It draws on an original Destination Framework document developed in 2011 and amended in the light of ongoing consultation with tourism businesses.

The Destination Plan is a ‘living document’ which has informed the direction of travel for tourism development activity in the Cambrian Mountains over the last 3 years. The plan will continue to evolve during the period envisaged for its operation, as new business development and marketing opportunities arise.

The objectives identified for the Destination Plan through consultation with partners correlate well with the priority focus areas identified by Visit Wales in its current Partnership for Growth tourism strategy, particularly in regard to raising the quality of provision, working to extend the season and the development of activity in specialist markets. The objectives are:

  • to increase the benefits to be derived from tourism in the Cambrian Mountains in a sustainable manner
  • to raise the quality of public and private sector provision in all areas
  • to increase the opportunities for enjoyment of the natural and cultural resources of the area for visitor and residents alike
  • to strengthen the identity of the Cambrian Mountains