Destination management

Making a destination work effectively from a visitor’s perspective is essential to destination management. For a destination to work it needs buy-in from all stakeholders involved, working in partnership to make sure there are no gaps or failures in the provision.

Some of the important pieces that make up the entire destination include:

  • car parking, toilets, leisure centers, parks and visitor information provided by local authorities
  • accommodation, activities and attractions provided by the tourism trade
  • cultural and countryside experiences provided by organisations like National Parks, Cadw, museums and galleries
  • interaction with the host community

Knowing how all these fit together is key to achieving effective destination management.

Stakeholders and the community need to commit to strategic issues in servicing visitor needs. Using a tool such as the 'tourism value chain' which is invaluable in helping both businesses and organisations to visualise the complete visitor ‘journey’ can help achieve an effective destination. 

Examples of destination management plans across Wales are available or watch the video below.