Dyfi Biosphere

Visit Wales and the Mid Wales Regional Tourism Strategy have identified a number of geographical areas where focussed and coordinated attention can expand the tourism economy. Increasingly, public sector support for tourism will be directed through these 'destinations'.

In mid Wales, Snowdonia/Gwynedd, Ceredigion, the Dyfi Biosphere and the Cambrian Mountains all have been designated as 'destinations'.


The goal of this Plan is for the area to become a world class sustainable destination by 2017. Objectives (delivering the focus of Partnership for Growth as shown in brackets):

  1. To offer more to visitors, having regard to quality and to the core eco offer, including making the most of what the area already has (product development). 
  2. To strengthen the quality and distinctiveness of the public realm and the authenticity of visitor experiences (people development and place building). 
  3. To manage individual businesses and the overall visitor destination more sustainably and cohesively  (people development).
  4. To increase the numbers of visitors and their value to the local economy (promotion and profitable performance).


Project example

Complete 360 Observatory and interpretation at Cors Dyfi/Dyfi Osprey Project – Easter 2014.