North Wales Tourism Strategy 2010-2015 sets out a number of priorities for tourism and provides a detailed action plan for each area. The actions identified in this Destination Management Plan are informed by and contribute towards the delivery of these actions.

The Destination Management Plan is designed to be a simple document that can be quickly updated as progress is made. The plan is divided into 5 themes:

  1. Improve the availability and coordination of visitor information that meets customers’ diverse needs.
  2. Increase the quality and range of visitor accommodation and attractions.
  3. Increase the scale and diversity of the activity sector.
  4. Increase the scale and economic impact of events in Flintshire.
  5. Data development.


Project example

One role of the Destination Partnership is to support the development of sustainable events, helping to co-ordinate and to promote events to maximise their impact and increase awareness locally and regionally. This can be done through social media, visitor centres and encouraging joint promotion and joint working.


Local Authority contact - Richard Jones, Richard.L.Jones@flintshire.gov.uk