Gwynedd Destination Management Plan will ensure that the tourism industry in Gwynedd will continue to thrive in a world that is increasingly competitive. The document outlines the vision for the future and considers the links between various elements relating to the experience of visitors and residents in our destinations.

This plan cannot be implemented by one organisation in isolation. Its success depends on the ability of a number of organisations, bodies and sectors to work in collaboration.

The underpinning vision of the Gwynedd Destination Management Plan is for Gwynedd to be seen as a top class integrated quality visitor destination valued for its internationally renowned special landscapes, its spectacular built environment and its unique Welsh culture.

The main aims of the Gwynedd Destination Management Plan are:

  • to extend the tourism season
  • to increase visitor spend
  • to improve the quality of the visitor experience
  • to improve integration of tourism with other aspects of life
  • to enhance the natural, built and cultural environment
  • to build and maintain quality public infrastructure and amenities
  • to provide well paid, year-round quality jobs and skills development


Project example

Gwynedd as a tourism destination area is currently promoted under the marketing area banner of Snowdonia Mountains and Coast. A strong emphasis is given to social media and the website to promote the area. Digital content will provide greater opportunities to market and promote the area over the next 3 years.

Within the new Action Plan, synergies with the national marketing of Wales will be sought. Collaboration with key partners will also be imperative when promoting Gwynedd.


Local Authority contact - Sian Jones,