The purpose of the Monmouthshire Destination Development Plan is to establish a clear framework for public, private and voluntary sector partnership working over the period 2012-2015.

The Plan includes a series of programmes that are designed to make the most of Monmouthshire’s visitor product strengths and to identify and address any deficiencies in the visitor offer.

The objectives of the Destination Development Plan are as follows:

  • to achieve a more strategic and coordinated approach to developing the visitor product
  • to focus on priorities to make the best use of resources
  • to engage tourism businesses and stakeholders in partnership working making  the best use of budgets and resources
  • to develop year-round visitor demand
  • to increase visitor satisfaction
  • to drive up tourism business performance in the county
  • to responsibly grow the economic, environmental and social contribution of the visitor economy
  • to contribute significantly to the development of the regional and national visitor economy


Project examples

Food Tourism Product Development

The plan encourages investment in the elements that make up a food themed break that can be easily selected by the consumer. This will be used to develop off-peak business and enhance Monmouthshire’s  profile as a food tourism destination.