The principal aim of the Tourism Destination Plan is to support and create jobs for the residents of Newport, by encouraging local spend through the visitor economy.

Newport want to attract high spending visitors in a way that benefits the local community in a wider sense.

The strategic objectives are: 

  1. To improve the city as a visitor destination, for the benefit of local residents, businesses and visitors.
  2. To improve the image of Newport and create an identity for the city so that it becomes a thriving, prosperous place.
  3. To improve satisfaction with Newport as a place to visit.
  4. To increase business tourism, conference and events income which has a high yield.
  5. To increase tourist visits at the weekend to fill gaps in business tourism occupancy levels.
  6. To embrace Newport’s historic sense of place to promote a joined up story of Newport’s heritage, connecting the city with the river and its historical roots.
  7. To encourage a varied programme of events showcasing Newport’s culture and history.
  8. To facilitate and undertake place marketing.
  9. To support the economic regeneration of Newport.
  10. To help create a welcoming city centre.
  11. To help create a greener and healthier city by supporting the product development, and promotion of sustainable transport.
  12. To help create a greener and healthier city by supporting businesses in reducing landfill, costs, and increasing skills.
  13. To engage with communities to be part of and take part in the visitor experience and destination management, cultural and leisure activities.
  14. To encourage a better food experience and encourage local food supplies.


Project example

The new city centre shopping development is planned to be completed in 2016, bringing Newport up into the top 100 shopping destinations in the UK. At present there is no real coordinated city centre destination marketing, but this will become a priority as the development progresses.