The Destination Plan in this area will focus on issues that can be tackled locally. It is intended as a development guide for all Pembrokeshire based organisations, businesses and employees in tourism related roles.

The Pembrokeshire Destination Plan includes 5 objectives with priorities for action under each one:

  1. Working together effectively.
  2. Re-focusing marketing.
  3. Creating a year round quality experience.
  4. Developing and sustaining infrastructure environment and cultural resources.
  5. Improving business practice, profitability and performance.


Project example

In order to work together effectively, Pembrokeshire have identified that they must take a coordinated approach to communicating with tourism businesses.

As part of the Destination Management Plan, Pembrokeshire Tourism Association will have responsibility for communication with tourism businesses with the support of partners, thereby reducing duplication.

The engagement programme will include organising destination events and coordinating contact information particularly on new business start-ups.