Centres of Excellence

A Tourism ‘Centre of Excellence’ is a tourism destination with:

  • One or more thematic strengths.
  • The quality of the tourism experience (people, places, information and products) attracts visitors over time to sustain a community (within a defined geographic locality) through focused economic activity.
  • The ability to maintain and enhance that development.

The centres will focus on tourism growth markets linked to activities such as:

  • adventure tourism
  • cycling
  • fishing
  • riding
  • walking
  • watersports
  • other attractions, for example historic gardens that use the natural and built environment


Centres of Excellence are a key component of both the Coastal and Sustainable Tourism projects.  

For the Coastal Tourism project Visit Wales are working with joint sponsors to take forward the delivery of 3 centres of coastal tourism excellence.  

For Sustainable Tourism we are similarly working with joint sponsors to deliver 4 centres of sustainable tourism excellence.

A map showing all projects under the E4G Centres of Excellence is available to view here (PDF 820kb).