Sustainable tourism

In Wales, beautiful landscapes and coastlines are the very foundation of tourism. Tourism, perhaps more than any other industry, relies upon the integrity of the natural environment. Realising the potential of the environment will always be a key priority in the development of tourism. To be sustainable, tourism will need to consider:

  • the needs and quality of life of local communities 
  • enhance and respect culture and local traditions
  • contribute to local economic prosperity 
  • minimise damage to the environment

As well as conserving and protecting the environment and investing in your local community, the business benefits include:

  • saving money 
  • improving quality of your product 
  • increased marketing opportunities

To assist you to improve the sustainability of your tourism business, Visit Wales is developing an online and interactive toolkit which will take you through areas where you can make changes on a step by step basis. From, managing your energy to monitoring your waste and sourcing local food - we hope the toolkit will help you to assess where you are now and to develop actions to help you improve in the future.

Sustainability Toolkit Overview