Reduce your waste

Waste reduction starts with your purchasing policy. Minimising the waste your business produces is important as waste has rising cost implications in both, disposal and initial purchase if the materials are not used. 

It should be disposed of in an appropriate manner, with the minimum going to landfill. Landfill capacity is reducing in Wales and some local authorities are prohibiting the disposal of commercial waste at some of their sites.

You should consider and ask yourself the following questions to assess the amount of waste that can be reduced:

  • do you need to purchase the items?
  • can you reduce what you purchase? (for example, packaging)
  • can the item be reused?
  • can the item be recycled? 


The waste hierarchy is a great guide to help with managing waste.

Discuss waste reduction with your staff to see if they have any ideas that could help.

More detailed tips can be found in the document below.