Promote the Welsh language and culture

There are many organisations and individuals that can help you and your business make use of the Welsh language and culture. 

Tourism is an integral part of the economy and is important to communities. When going abroad, a major part of the experience is hearing their native language spoken. It would feel the same way in Wales. Many heavily Welsh-speaking areas are highly dependant on tourism for income and employment. Promoting the language and using simple phrases with your guests can help to sustain the local culture and enriches the visitor experience. 

One of the strengths of tourism in Wales is its unique identity. The Welsh language is an important component of this. These organisations include:

It’s more important than ever that Wales has an edge over its competitors in these challenging times. We have had grading and accreditation schemes in place to look at the quality of our physical product for a long time but so do our competitors. It’s essential that Wales can offer something unique and authentic, a real sense of place. Developing a Sense of Place includes how the following can be used to create your own individual Sense of Place:

  • local history 
  • food
  • landscape
  • music
  • building materials 
  • Welsh crafts
  • Welsh language

See the Sense of Place section on this website for more detail. In the meantime, for an introduction to developing a 'Sense of Place’, download our factsheet below.