Vale of Glamorgan

The Destination Action Plan is not intended to replace the tourism strategy but to identify key specific actions which are required to make significant improvements to the visitor experience to the Vale of Glamorgan.

The action plan within the tourism strategy contains 50 strategic tourism objectives which are grouped under 6 main headings:

  1. Improve and develop the Vale of Glamorgan’s tourism product.
  2. Creating the right first impression, improving facilities and services.
  3. Defining our brand.
  4. Visible Vale – promotion, publicity and marketing.
  5. Team tourism - to work in partnership.
  6. Commission and undertake surveys to monitor trends, visitor feedback and identify gaps and opportunities.

Project example

Vale of Glamorgan plans to enhance access to the coast and countryside including improved transport network to support visitors and the development of new walking trails, cycling networks, leisure drives, viewpoints and self-guided products.