The ‘Sense of Place’ of a visitor destination is to a large extent created by the people who live there. The community is often responsible for organising small scale festivals and events which are often aimed at the local community but are equally as interesting and exciting for visitors, such as summer fetes, flower festivals and carnivals.

The local community may be responsible for the up keep of many of the local facilities such as playgrounds and community centres/halls. And of course, it is members of the local community that visitors will stop to ask directions from, meet in the shops and pubs, and who they will rely on to tell them where the best places to see are!

It is this interaction with the locals that visitors often value most highly and which creates a memorable destination. Picking up that 'only the locals know it' knowledge, hearing the stories that make up the culture and social history of a destination, all adds significantly to their enjoyment and enhances the chances of a repeat visit or word of mouth recommendation to others.

Finding out about your local area and what it has to offer the visitor enhances both your knowledge and the visitor experience. Join a local community group, or start one if you haven’t got one already!