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If your business was to suffer cyber-crime or a data breach how would you respond? and could you afford this risk?

The next Haven Waterway Enterprise Zone event in conjunction with Business Wales will take place on Thursday 4th July between 9:00am – 11:00am in the Bridge Innovation Centre, Pembroke Dock. To register for the event please click here http://bit.ly/2HIvNm1

Risks facing business have changed and evidence shows that a business is as likely to face a cyber-crime as traditional crime. This event will consider the different types of Cyber Crime which can affect your business, and ways to protect your business from these attacks.

According to the latest UK Government report, over three in ten businesses (32%) experienced a cyber security breach or attack in the last 12 months with the figure rising to 60% for medium sized businesses. The average cost of a security breach for businesses is £4,180 which rises to £9,270 for medium sized businesses. Also just over three in ten businesses (33%) have a formal cyber security policy or policies in place.

Tarian’s Cyber Protect Team work collaboratively with Welsh Government with the aim of developing a Secure Digital Nation. Their presentation will consider Social Engineering, Phishing, Data breaches, Password and WiFi security and how to protect your business from low level risks of cyber-crime and fraud by following simple steps (rather than technical solutions).

They currently offer individual business support from a staff awareness perspective but from June will have access to a Phishing platform which can send genuine disingenuous e-mails to staff in businesses to test their resilience to phishing attacks. Tarian also run table top resilience exercises.

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