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The vision for Anglesey Enterprise Zone is to create a world-renowned centre of excellence for the production, demonstration and servicing of low carbon energy. This is set within the context of Wales’ national commitment to a low carbon future, with over 40,000 people employed in the sector contributing more than £3.2 billion to our economy annually. 

The world’s key energy businesses are continuing to bring their major low carbon energy projects to Anglesey Enterprise Zone – and our significant natural resources are only one of the reasons why.

Another is our Energy Island programme, which sees the Welsh Government, local authority and the private sector working side-by-side, so we can act fast and efficiently to respond to business requirements.

Then there’s the skilled workforce – nuclear-related, highly technical skills, engineering and manufacturing, for example – our established and growing supply chain, plus the local research and development capability.

Anglesey Enterprise Zone is also in close proximity to both Snowdonia Enterprise Zone - with whom Anglesey forms a significant low carbon energy cluster - and Deeside Enterprise Zone, whose focus is advanced materials and manufacturing. 

With Tier 1 status ensuring some of the UK’s highest levels of financial support available here, whatever your space requirements, Anglesey Enterprise Zone has ten, wide-ranging, well-connected sites at various stages of development.

These range from a Marine Zone dedicated to marine energy devices to the deep water Port of Holyhead – one of the UK’s main gateways to Ireland. Then there is a wide variety of greenfield and brownfield sites near Wylfa Newydd, offering ideal locations for the supply chain to the new nuclear power station under construction.