Support and Incentives in Cardiff Airport and Bro Tathan

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Financial incentives

Whether you’re a large, established business or a small start-up, financial support is available from Welsh, UK and European sources to help your business move and grow in Cardiff Airport and Bro Tathan Enterprise Zone.

The Development Bank of Wales offers loans at reduced rates to eligible SMEs located in all Welsh Enterprise Zones, and you’ll have access to other types of support Wales offers in areas such as skills development, ICT, R&D and international trade – see for more details.

When you also factor in competitive property costs, Cardiff Airport and Bro Tathan Enterprise Zone really starts to add up for your business.

Support from a pro-business Government

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As a devolved Government, we don’t need to wait for decisions from Westminster. So we can act fast to help your business set up and thrive in an Enterprise Zone.

The Welsh Government Business Support Team will listen to what you need and help you bring together everything required to make the move. 

We will advise you on how to access financial incentives plus support and finance for innovation, growth, capital projects, international trade, skills development, ICT and e-business.

We’ll also help you identify your ideal premises and advise you of local, sector, supply chain and academic networks.

We’re here as a long-term partner. Once you’re here, our team will always listen to your needs and tailor support, from advice on R&D and innovation to e-business, from recruitment to capital projects and more.

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