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Skills & Academia

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Businesses here are well supported by the local and regional universities and colleges, including Pembrokeshire College, with its 8,500 vocational students, which is located right at the heart of the Zone.

These local training providers are already delivering bespoke training to businesses, ranging from degrees to tailored, work-based learning.

They are already skills diversification specialists, as they continue to support the transformation of the area’s heavy industry heritage to new technologies and industries, including life sciences, renewable energy and advanced manufacturing.

Pembrokeshire College has around 2,000 full-time and 12,500 part-time students at its state-of-the-art campus, facilities and equipment. Working with industry, the college has created award-winning facilities including the £3.2m construction centre and £4m engineering wing. Both these facilities are already supporting the development of hundreds of employees and apprentices from companies including the CITB (Construction Industry Training Board), Dragon LNG, Consort, Valero and many others to develop their construction and engineering skills.

As a key partner in the Zone, Pembrokeshire College is committed to working closely with companies locating to the Haven to create individual training courses and fully bespoke training programmes.

Equally, if specialist R&D is key to unlocking your business’s potential, we’ll introduce you to the relevant experts thanks to our close links with key research departments who can support you.

We won’t just make introductions, either: where we can support and collaborate, we will: Marine Energy Pembrokeshire, for example, is a partnership between technology developers, suppliers, academia and the public sector working together to establish a centre of excellence for sustainable marine energy generation here.



Energy, food and tourism are traditionally associated with Pembrokeshire and continue to thrive here – but that’s not the whole story.

Around 20% of the UK’s energy supplied via Pembrokeshire, including gas, LNG, oil and electricity, with today’s focus on renewable technologies. Wales’ first commercial solar farm is here and the Zone becoming a base for both wave and tidal stream technologies, supported by the Marine Energy Pembrokeshire partnership across the public and private sector, operators and academics.

Our longstanding heritage means we have a strong, local engineering supply chain that’s now rapidly gaining experience in the emerging wave and tidal industry, plus a wide range of businesses who offer raw material supply, engineering, fabrication and professional services. In Wales, we also have a sector-support network, including planning, design, manufacturing, maintenance and environmental analysis.

The Zone is focused on the growth of the energy sector, particularly:

  • marine energy technology companies looking to bring research, testing and demonstrator projects prior to deploying fully operational wave and tidal flow farms;
  • bio-fuel technology developers looking to manufacture biofuels from non-food chain crops;
  • expansion of the region's established hydrocarbon industries as they move towards producing more environmentally sustainable fuels;
  • building synergies around the existing oil and gas terminals;
  • supply chain opportunities for all of the above.

The Zone is actively encouraging non-energy companies to swell the growing numbers of businesses here from other sectors which currently include ICT, life sciences and high-precision manufacturing. And new markets are opening up in our established food and tourism sectors, with massive growth being seen at the moment, for example, in the international cruising sector.

Who’s already here

Key industry players already here include ExxonMobil,  Petronas, Puma Energy, Qatar Petroleum, RWE nPower, Valero and Total.

The existing energy sector in Pembrokeshire includes:

  • The Valero refinery, which produces around 20% of the UK’s refined products, as well as exporting to Europe, Africa and North America
  • SEM Logistics, owner and operator of the UK's largest independent tank farm oil storage depot with a capacity of 8.7 million barrels
  • Two Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) import, storage and regasification plants – including Europe’s largest - with the capability to provide a significant proportion of the UK's gas supply, operated by Dragon LNG and South Hook LNG
  • A Combined Heat and Power (CHP) power station operated by Dragon LNG
  • Wales' first commercial Solar Farm at Rhosygilwen
  • Europe's largest and most efficient Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) power station, operated by RWE and capable of providing more than enough electricity for all domestic supply in Wales

Also, supporting the energy sector is a very varied and highly experienced supply chain including world-class engineering companies, training providers, marine support companies and specialised safety companies.

Quality of life

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Investing in your workforce pays dividends here, too, as they are particularly loyal - not least because of the enviable lifestyle.

Haven Waterway lies entirely within Pembrokeshire, the UK’s only coastal National Park. Its rich heritage and culture, beautiful countryside and 299km (186 miles) of coastline, activities and attractions mean that the county regularly tops tourism polls worldwide, and attracts around 1.2 million visitors every year.

The varied landscape also means the area is a prolific and high quality food producer, particularly renowned for meat, dairy and fish products.

When you add in the affordable cost of living and range of education opportunities, it’s clear why people who live here tend to stay.

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