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Skills & Academia

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Your local talent pool here is significant and skilled.

In Trawsfynydd, it includes a potential transferable workforce of technically skilled professionals becoming available as they complete the decommissioning of the nuclear plant.

A large proportion are qualified to degree level and decommissioning uses cutting edge technology and draws on advanced engineering capabilities. Plus, they have already been redeveloping their skills for new employment under a tailored, European-funded programme, Shaping the Future.

You can rely on our support to recruit, train and develop your workforce and make use of our established links with universities all over Wales, who are already working to produce the research, graduates and vocational and specialist skills businesses need.

The Zone is set between Bangor University and Aberystwyth University, and has strong links with both, who have significant sector-related expertise.

Aberystwyth, for example, is an ICT centre of technical and academic excellence, while Bangor has an international reputation in key departments such as Electronic Engineering and Psychology and Business and Ocean Sciences.

Both universities and the nearby Centre for Alternative Technology specialise in industry-led energy-related research. The recently opened Energy Centre at Coleg Menai in Llangefni, works closely with industry and houses low carbon energy technology and training facilities. 

Coleg Menai in nearby Bangor has a new, world-class Energy Centre and Construction Skills Centre, while the Menter Môn apprenticeship scheme provides access to graduates of Coleg Llandrillo, Bangor and Aberystwyth Universities. 

The Resource Group in south Wales provides specialist RPAS foundation training, while a number of our universities conduct RPAS-related research, including the University of South Wales’ Cognitive Robotics Research Centre and Aberystwyth University has been applying their knowledge of model-based reasoning for engineering applications within the UAV sector. Aberystwyth also has huge expertise in the field of Earth Observation and Ecosystems Dynamics using remotely-sensed data.



Given Wales’ extraordinary natural assets and our commitment to become a low carbon economy, the low carbon energy sector is a key economic sector for the Welsh Government.

And Snowdonia Enterprise Zone, together with near neighbour Anglesey Enterprise Zone, form a low carbon cluster in north west Wales, with complementary opportunities for energy-related businesses. Nearby Deeside Enterprise Zone is a major manufacturing and engineering location, with an extensive established and experienced supply chain ideal for supporting SMR development here.

As a country with our own devolved government, we are used both to streamlining processes such as planning where we can while also collaborating at a UK Government level on energy policy. 

So with the Welsh Government firmly behind both the Zone and the sector, we’ll ensure you are thoroughly supported as you locate to the Zone.

Snowdonia Enterprise Zone offers an ideally secure and sustainable location for ICT businesses- another key economic sector for the Welsh Government – with specialist academic expertise, skills and training on the doorstep.

And, for RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) businesses, Snowdonia offers both civil and military customers the opportunity to test, evaluate and demonstrate systems over 1,100km² inland with a further 7,100km² over sea. Complementary facilities are also available close to the Zone at the West Wales UAV Centre (WWUAVC) and West Wales Airport, the only civil airport in Europe that enables the flying of RPAS under regulated conditions.

Who’s already here

The Trawsfynydd site is within the single ownership of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) while Magnox are currently responsible for decommissioning the site. 

The Snowdonia Aerospace Centre is already home to a number of businesses, and has space for more of all sizes, including local companies looking to expand or companies moving into Wales from the international RPAS and broader sectors.

Quality of life

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Away from major settlements, Snowdonia Enterprise Zone is at the heart of the National Park so spectacular scenery is the backdrop to most of the Zone’s businesses.

It’s little surprise that Snowdonia features in many global tourism polls: it has the highest mountain in England and Wales, lakes which inspired myths and legends and scenery that has been cast in Hollywood blockbusters.

Snowdonia is also a hive of activity, with mountain biking, walking, climbing, angling and water sports. Its growing reputation as the go-to UK location for thrill-seekers follows significant investment in adventure activities, including the UK’s first truly inclusive mountain bike destination, the fastest zip line in the world and the longest in Europe, plus - a true world-first - a giant network of underground trampolines.

Add historical and cultural attractions to the area’s appeal, plus the relatively low cost-of-living, and it’s easy to see why Snowdonia is a great place to live as well as to visit.

Which makes quality of life is a major factor in making staff retention levels here higher than the UK average - and in attracting new people.

So you don’t just get a great lifestyle in Snowdonia Enterprise Zone, you also get a loyal workforce.

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