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Application and Review Process

  1. An eligibility check of candidates will be carried out by the programme management team.  Any applicants that do not meet the criteria as highlighted in the eligibility guidance will not progress.  The first ethical issues check will also be carried out at this stage.

  2. Applications from eligible candidates will be sent out to external reviewers, experts in the relevant field of research, to receive independent views on the excellence of the application.The programme management team will aim to receive at least three reviews for each proposal.Each referee will submit a report on the proposal they have been asked to consider using the referees report template

  3. Applicants will be given a chance to respond to reviewers comments and will be invited to interview.The interview will be conducted via Skype and will consist of the candidate briefly presenting their research proposal to a small panel made up from members of the Independent Evaluation Panel (membership), followed by a question and answer session.Following the interview, the panel will complete a short report form.

  4. Applications, along with their response to the reviewers’ comments and the interview report form will be considered by the Independent Evaluation Panel who will make a judgement on the proposal.Final scores for each candidate will be made up from 3 x external reviewers plus Independent Evaluation Panel (70% of the final score) and interview panel score (30% of final score).According to the shortlist of candidates created in this way, the Independent Evaluation panel will make a final recommendation for funding to the Programme Beneficiary Board.

  5. Candidates will be informed of the outcome of their proposals and successful candidates can expect to receive and employment contract from their host institution within 3 months of receiving their decision.
  • Selection Process - Indicative Time Lines
  • Appeal Process
    The programme management team will be able to provide information on the Fellow’ right to a confidential procedure if they feel that there has been a shortcoming in the evaluation of their proposal.  Applicants should get in touch with the team via COFUND as soon as possible.
  • Ethical Issues Management
    Applicants are asked to identify any ethical issues they feel their proposal will generate as part of their application using the template provided.  The ethical issues forms will be reviewed by the programme management team at the first stage of the review process…