SMART Cymru supports AMPLYFI to develop novel Artificial Intelligence modules that improve the output of a cutting-edge software platform.

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Amplyfi Ltd
Closing date: 3/03/2019

AMPLYFI provide state-of-the-art AI powered solutions for informing strategic and sensitive initiatives within large public and private organisations.

SMART Cymru is supporting the business to improve a software product through the development of AI-based concept modules within the platform.

The platform is a cloud-based solution accessible from a browser or a client’s internal data architecture.  It uses a series of deep learning algorithms to differentiate between weak and strong content to determine and maximise the relevance of analysis results.

The development of novel complimentary AI modules will improve the understanding of underlying drivers behind trends and dynamic changes.  The project will achieve enhanced data targeting and extraction through the development of a Probabilistic Type Detector (PTD), and will improve users understanding of data behind trends and their change over time through the Dynamic Driver Identifier (DDI).

The result of the project will be an executable concept module which combines the outputs from the PTD and DDI R&D that can be applied to uncovered trends driven by real document data.  This will serve to fill a significant gap in the global Business Intelligence market.

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