SMART Cymru supports B2Space Ltd to develop a new concept-launching vehicle for small and micro satellites.

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B2Space Ltd
Closing date: 15/03/2020

Currently, there is a lack of launching capacity for satellites. There are no companies that customise the small satellite market launching needs: small satellites are launched as secondary payloads on large rockets.


The innovative concept under development is the ‘rockoon’ (balloon + rocket). This consists of a stratospheric balloon to lift a self-operative platform to an altitude of 35km to 40km, at a height where the very low atmospheric drag permits use of a relatively small and inexpensive launch vehicle, allowing subsequent deployment of a rocket to deliver payload to Low Earth Orbit (LEO)


This proof of concept project is a key phase to develop the technology and capabilities of the high altitude-launching concept. During the project, B2Space will demonstrate the critical technology and new concepts are ready for the commercial development.


The project will see an increase in employment and allow the company to establish engineering and operations sites in Wales. Spill over effects would range from academia and national security to new inventions, investment and tourism in Wales.


B2Space Ltd was founded in June 2016 by four professionals from the aerospace industry with the main objective to develop a flexible, reliable and low cost launching system for small and micro satellites (called “Colibri” programme). B2Space is facilitating the access to space and creating the foundations for the emerging industry of small and microsatellites. B2Space are ahead of an exciting journey, which represents a unique opportunity for B2Space, Wales and the whole UK Space network.

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