Dr Devin J Sapsford

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Cardiff University
The principal interests are in Geoenvironmental Engineering, waste management, Architectural, Civil Environmental Engineering The School has extensive, modern resources, further enhanced over recent years by the creation of new and upgraded facilities. Specialised facilities include: Structural Performance laboratory Characterisation Laboratories for Environmental Engineering Research Other laboratories and facilities cover: Nano-technology with integrated Clean Room facilities, High Frequency, Digital Signal Processing, High Voltage, Bulk Material and Micro/Nano Scale Characterisation, Motion Analysis, Centrifuge, Combustion, Acoustic Emissions, Digital Image Correlation and Heavy Structures Equipment is usually operated by School personnel. In some cases it is possible that companies can be given direct access to the equipment enabling them to conduct the work themselves. This is done on a bench access fee basis and may require the company personnel to be trained in the use of the equipment prior to it being made available.
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