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Dr Huw C Davies

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Cardiff University

Dr Huw C Davies is an academic in the Mechanics, Materials & Advanced Manufacturing theme researching within the Mechanical and Structural Performance group.

He has previously worked in the Vehicle Engineering Group at TRL, where he took a lead role in the development of vehicle safety standards. Collaborators include the UK Department for Transport, the European Commission and the Automotive Industry.

At Cardiff University he has developed the transport research theme where the universal goals are zero collisions, zero congestion and zero emissions.

Huw leads Cardiff University’s Electric Vehicle Centre of Excellence and the Centre is part of the ERDF Network on Electric Vehicles and Transferring Expertise (ENEVATE) project involving partners from across North West Europe. Huw is a member of Cardiff University Centre for Automotive Industry Research (CAIR), with research particularly focused on supply chain reorganisation in the face of technology and policy challenges.  Additionally, Huw is the coordinator at Cardiff University for the European Rail R&D Network.

His specific interests are in:

(a) Energy Management;
(b) Materials and Structure;
(c) Vehicle safety and biomechanics;
(d) Vehicle Dynamics;
(e)  Motorsport engineering and vehicle design.

Recent projects in the sector include:

  • Stiffness Profiles of Modern Cars in Pedestrian Impacts;
  • Renewable hydrogen transport micro-economies;
  • Incentives for clean vehicles in urban Europe;
  • New integrated smart transport option;
  • European network on electric vehicles.