Prof Bob Lark

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Cardiff University

A lead member of the BRE (Building Research Establishment) Centre for Sustainable Engineering at Cardiff University. This research centre is paving the way to a new generation of digital buildings with a lifelong resilience and adaptability to their environment, usage and occupancy - enabled by smart materials and products, integrated design and manufacturing systems, and total lifecycle approaches.

A Chartered Engineer with over 30 years of top level Civil Engineering experience in contracting, consultancy, local government, academic research and the application of that research to the built environment.

Bob works is in the following areas:
(a) Behaviour and design of steel and concrete structures;
(b) Bridge design and development;
(c) Development of new cementitious materials;
(d)  Innovative light gauge steel structures;
(e) Condition monitoring of bridges;
(f) Properties and performance of reinforcements.

Recent projects for the AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction) sector include:

  • Finite element modelling of structures under earthquake loading;
  • Design and development of plastic bridges;
  • Structural and geo-environmental applications of waste quarry dust;
  • Shape memory polymer, cementitious matrix material system;
  • Concrete hinge model investigation;
  • Sustainable advanced materials for road infrastructure;
  • Investigation of deck beam thrust hinges;
  • Acoustic emission in hinge joints;
  • Bridge, hinge joint rotation;
  • Relationship between concrete cracking, durability, bond and rib profile.




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