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Cardiff University
Manu Haddad is Professor in High Voltage Energy Systems and an internationally renowned expert in the field having co-authored over 80 publications, with two paper awards. He has published an IEE-Power Series Book on Advances in “High Voltage Engineering” The High Voltage Engineering Group at Cardiff offers access to extensive facilities, including a lightning laboratory, HV lab with test transformers and impulse generators, outdoor test facilities and specialised software/computer labs. Research is undertaken in the following particular fields: Performance of polymeric insulators; Performance of ZnO surge arresters; Transient performance of earthing systems; Compact line studies; Earth resistivity tests and analysis equipment; Earth resistance and earth impedance measurement equipment; Modelling of discharge and breakdown phenomena; Lightning protection of aircraft; Electrostatic techniques for gas cleaning; Treatment of soils using pulse techniques; AI condition monitoring of HV plant; Transient Measurements in electrical substations. Recent industry projects include: Electrical performance of the T-Pylon; Optimising surge arresters on the transmission network; Effects of reactive power compensation on distribution networks; Lightning effects on composite materials; Conduction mechanisms in earthing systems and optimisation of earth electrode geometries; Detection and location of defective overhead line components using travelling wave transients; Impact of offshore networks on the insulation and operation of transmission systems. For more informaion -
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