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Cardiff University

Pwt Evans is a Professor in Mechanics, Materials & Advanced Manufacturing and an internationally renowned research leader in mechanics and advanced materials - particularly surfaces, their relative motion, contact, friction, lubrication and wear.

His work focuses on tribology and contact mechanics through numerical analysis with a specialised interest in the behaviour of the highly stressed contacts (both dry and lubricated) that occur in vital components such as rolling element bearings, between the teeth of power transmission gears and in nano devices, for example:

(a) Elastohydrodynamic lubrication (EHL);
(b) Gear lubrication;
(c) Mixed lubrication;
(d) Thrust cone lubrication;
(e) Scuffing and micro-pitting;
(f)  Non-Newtonian rheology;
(g) Thermal modelling in steel rolling.


Recent industry projects include:

  • Design methodology and utilisation of novel textile tribological materials;
  • Friction and wear behaviour of composite bearing liner materials;
  • Automated diagnosis for helicopter engines and rotating parts;
  • Lubrication analysis of thrust faces in gear pumps;
  • Running in, wear and surface fatigue of steel surfaces operating in mixed lubrication;
  • Modelling and simulation of friction and wear processes;
  • Mixed lubrication, wear and contact fatigue of rough surfaces.  EW081015



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