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Cardiff University

David Barrow is Cardiff University School of Engineering Professor of Micro & Nanotechnology, focusing on multiphase microfluidics.

His current research is concentrated on the mass-production of nuclear fusion targets. Additional projects areas are microneedle interfaces with the human body and the microencapsulation of stem cells for their controlled differentiation. He founded the Innovate UK NanoCentre, metaFAB - based on technology convergence and established the unique Extreme Laser Facility.

Professor Barrow has produced 68 papers, patents and company reports on a range of diverse subjects such as sustainability, micro-reaction engineering, microfluidics, materials science, and space biological engineering. He has a strong patent portfolio, was co-founder of Protasis Corporation and of Q-Chip Ltd (acquired by Midatech Pharma). Professor Barrow is also an international expert on bumble bees (PhD) and an accomplished and exhibited ceramicist.

Works in the following areas:
- Microfluidics technology for sustainable production processes;
- Laser micromachining for prototype lab-on-a-chip devices for chemical analysis and synthesis;
- Microfluidic, biochip and photonic device R&D;
- MicroNanoTechnology education including MNT Academy;
- SEMTA-certified, apprentice-level training modules in MNT. 
Recent projects include:
- Microfluidic encapsulation process;
- Laser manufacture of novel bio-diagnostic platforms;
- Micro-needle patch device;
- Laser technologies for factories of the future;
- Characterising new hydrogen storage materials                                                      EW160915  

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