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Closing date: 14/05/2020

One of the main concerns for manufacturers of infrastructure material is their product's quality, maintenance and guarantee. Recently, technology and materials have been developed which send out data in real time providing information on its state. At the CELSA GROUP, we want to equip our steel with intelligence and extra capabilities by incorporating intelligence into our current products or into their composition and thus, be aware at all times of the state of their material and anticipate incidents, optimise maintenance, improve quality and facilitate decision-making.

We are seeking proposals, approaches and solutions which will allow us to transmit information through our products, or add technology to them (for example, IoT) or slightly modify their composition so that the material itself is capable of transmitting this information (for example, incorporating nanotechnology). How can we use IoT to create smart steel? How can we use nanotechnology in our products? How can we rework product features with programmable material? How can we manufacture smart material which adapts to the physical and atmospheric conditions of their environment? How can we create materials which inform us of where they are and how they are doing?

  • Improve steel resistance to corrosion.
  • Bring new functionalities to the final product.
  • Provide smart materials that can be used in active disassembly of steel structures

Registration closed. However, you can still send your information to Celsa to be considered for a future call.

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