SMART Cymru supports Comgem Limited to exploit their Gemsuite commerce solution, an integrated virtual stock management solution which is aimed at B2B brands.

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Comgem Limited
Closing date: 31/05/2019

Without funding, Comgem would not be able to exploit the identified target markets with an aggressive marketing campaign. Including PR, social media, pay per click advertising as well as exhibiting at a major exhibition.


Comgem is an ecommerce solution provider. SMART Cymru supported their initial development of a prototype software package called Gemsuite. This new round of funding will allow Comgem to exploit further target markets with an advertising campaign to help position themselves as a leader in integrated B2B ecommerce solutions.


This project involves the launch of a new to market product aimed at niche segments and will allow IT Resellers and Office Dealers to more effectively manage their supply chains, distributors and customer relationships while benefiting from a stockless business by tracking virtual stock movement. This will help their customers increase profits by reducing costs of managing business and stock, increase sales through better identification of opportunities and automating complex tasks across multiple channels.


Following successful implementation, Comgem aim to develop additional new products. The project would also enable a route to product exploitation within a UK B2B ecommerce market, assist businesses to transfer from costly legacy systems to help capture new routes to market for their business and assist UK retailers with mobile retailing.

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