SMART Cymru supports Crossflow Energy to Design a Pre-Production Prototype Wind Turbine for an Integrated Energy System (IES)

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Crossflow Energy Co Ltd
Closing date: 28/03/2019

SMART Cymru is supporting the Experimental development of the Crossflow transverse axis wind turbine, an innovative hybrid design utilising both drag and lift resulting in low speed, high reliability, long life with low maintenance costs, with a smart control system for optimal integration with other energy sources and energy storage systems.

The Crossflow turbine was conceived and has been designed to utilise the strengths of the both traditional Horizontal and Vertical axis turbines, and to eliminate their recognised weaknesses. The turbine has been designed from the ground up, focusing on simplifying and ruggedizing key components, which are frequently the cause of breakdowns and increased cost of operation of existing wind turbines.  

The unique design features an asymmetrical augmentation device to further enhance the power output of the turbine. 

This SMART Cymru funded project will further develop the Crossflow turbine, designing the most commercially advantageous turbine arrangement for production, and for integration with other energy generation and storage technologies. Ease of transportation and installation in remote of-grid locations has been inherent throughout the turbine and IES design process.  

Overall Crossflow Energy wish to create a Wales-based industry to manufacture commercial Crossflow wind turbines and Integrated Energy Systems.

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