SMART Cymru supports Deploy Tech Ltd to develop a sustainable water management solution.

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Closing date: 26/04/2022

There are an estimated 2.2 billion people globally that lack access to clean drinking water (Unicef-2019).


Water storage plays an essential role in the cleaning, management, distribution and consumption of water resources. Conventional concrete water storage alternatives are expensive, immovable, fraught with functionality problems, slow to install and damaging to the environment. Lack of access to water infrastructure leads to poverty, social inequalities and halts the development of communities.


Deploy have developed a flat-packed, air-deployed, ready-to-use concrete water tank manufactured with a concrete-filled fabric material, which transforms into a unified concrete vessel when hydrated. When folded and packed, it can be transported on a standard pallet. It can reach a volume of up to 40,000 litres and be ready to use in 24-hours. Because Deploy tanks are modular and transportable, the process for distribution and deployment is extremely simple, streamlined and cost-effective. This provides a convenient solution for almost any application, including sanitation of sewerage.


For this project, Deploy will develop and implement the manufacturing line to carry out prototyping and testing essential to commercialisation.


If successful, this project will establish the company and contribute to longer-term sustainable growth, with the potential to produce good impacts with a number of Wellbeing and Future Generation goals. It will enable Deploy to create new jobs and safeguard existing jobs.


Deploy Tech Ltd was founded in June 2020 and provides game-changing innovation in water management, winning them several prestigious international awards. Their products are based on community need.

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