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Closing date: 31/12/2021

We use environmentally-sustainable processes to help unlock the potential economic value in food manufacturing waste streams and many other industrial by-product streams. Using a combination of laboratory research and analysis, technology scouting and market analysis, we can identify potentially valuable products in waste, discover and test technologies to extract that value sustainably and help identify and build new value chains to get the products to market.

If you are an agricultural or industrial producer of natural waste streams (e.g. food processing trimmings) or are a waste processor looking to extract more value from the wastes you receive (e.g. before biogas production), please get in touch. Also, if you are a company interested in investigating alternative, lower cost and more environmentally-sustainable supply sources for the raw materials you use, please let us know. Under our Pennosan trading name we now supply wholly natural and biodegradable water and wastewater clarification products, derived from crustacean shells.

We work closely with universities in Wales and beyond to identify the most cost-effective and environmentally-friendly technologies to realise the potential value in industrial bio-wastes - often through joint- and grant funded collaborative R&D projects. Contact us if you wish to discuss a joint R&D collaborative project or would be interested in testing our waste valorisation technology.

Contact Pennosan at 01766 810345 if you would like to evaluate our natural water clarification aids.

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