SMART Cymru supports Polytag Limited to undertake research with AMRC Cymru.

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Polytag Limited
Closing date: 26/10/2021

Polytag aims to enable the packaging circular economy with a patent pending tag and trace technology, technology that allows brands to assign unique individual codes to each unit of a product. With their supporting IT platform, these codes can be read at any point of the lifecycle of the product, enabling the brand owners to track the product, reward consumers and recover their packaging at the end of use.


Through the Beyond Recycling strategy, Wales has the ambition to become the world leader in recycling. The Polytag system will enable it by creating an accurate Extended Producer Responsibility and Plastic Tax Verification System that allocates fair costs to be assigned to each manufacturer. The system also enables other objectives of the Beyond Recycling strategy such as a vastly simplified Deposit Return Scheme for drinks containers. Furthermore, the Polytag system can be used to enable communities to take collective action.


The technology has been tested within one trial on the Wirral and a further trial will commence in June in Conwy and needs now further work. This will be carried out in partnership with the AMRC Cymru, who will provide a big proportion of the necessary equipment and the scientific and technical knowledge to test and adjust the technology so it can be commercialised.


If successful, this project will contribute to the longer-term sustainable growth of Polytag and increase their RD&I activity. It will produce very good Wellbeing of Future Generations impacts and could be a system that is adopted by Wales to increase recycling.


Polytag Limited is a fully owned subsidiary of Econpro® a specialist group of companies that transforms wastes and by-products into sustainable products for many industrial sectors.

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