SMART Cymru supports Quasar Group Limited to develop an innovative and comprehensive ‘Data System’.

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Quasar Group Limited
Closing date: 31/05/2019

Quasar group are looking to develop a platform encompassing and combining a number of different specialised products for flexible and efficient manual and automatic data collection, processing and analysis. A product of this kind would create a new level of capability for target businesses.


Quasar Group is a software design, development and technology consultancy firm. Their focus is on enabling Welsh and international businesses to introduce digital innovations to make their business more efficient, customer-orientated and differentiated from competitors. Their key area of expertise is in design and development of innovative digital solutions driving new business models and providing access to new markets.


For this project, Quasar Group will seek to develop and bring to market an innovative suite of software elements, comprising a comprehensive system for data collection, handling, processing, analysis and presentation in real-time. Data for automated analysis will be presented in many formats, gathered manually or automatically including from networks of sensors with high flexibility, data collection ergonomics and powerful AI analytical capabilities.


If successful, Quasar Group would create a new line of digital products, increase the number of jobs in Wales, increase product sales and open up opportunities for future Research and Development collaboration with Welsh universities. There is good potential for strengthening of Wales as a UK/European centre of digital innovation and technology.

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