SMART Cymru supports Thalia Design Automation Limited to develop further the AMALIA platform to enable direct use by customers.

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Thalia Design Automation Limited
Closing date: 13/10/2021

Continued development in electronic engineering generates ever-smaller circuits. Rather than redesign a circuit to perform the same operations as a previous larger circuit, the existing designs are migrated to the newer smaller technology. For analogue circuits, such as those in mobile phones, this migration is a time consuming and costly enterprise requiring experienced engineers to adjust a circuits physical attributes to ensure proper functioning.


This project will develop novel Artificial Intelligence (AI)/human interactive tools to greatly reduce the time and cost. These AI tools will enable designers to work faster and smarter when migrating analogue circuits.


This will result in faster to market production, improved products, cost savings and greater efficiency. If successful, this has the potential to increase revenue and headcount for the company.


Thalia was founded in 2011 and provides project-based services helping customers to redesign analog and mixed signal integrated circuits for new applications or technologies. Thalia uses a proprietary software platform called AMALIA to partially automate the process of migrating existing circuit designs into a new format, whilst ensuring correct functionality (a process known as design centring).

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