SMART Cymru supports Touch Biometrix Ltd to investigate the technical and commercial feasibility for a novel type of flexible fingerprint sensor and associated algorithms and applications.

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Touch Biometrix Ltd
Closing date: 20/05/2019

Rapid growth in biometric transactions is expected to result in 1 trillion biometrically enabled transactions by 2020. There is significant interest in fingerprint-based biometrics, a market which is expected to be worth 1B by 2020. The largest area of growth is the incorporation of fingerprint biometric platforms into mobile and computing technology. It offers a future where the need for passwords is gone and you become the only password that you will ever need.

Touch Biometrix was incorporated in October 2017 with the aim of developing the most secure and lowest cost solution to the fingerprint sensing industry. Touch Biometrix aim to launch their first product in 2020 using a unique manufacturing model and state of the art thin film electronics.  The founder of the business, Dr Michael Cowin is a recognised expert in the field of thin film electronics with extensive experience in adopting it into the consumer electronics industry for displays, tablets and computer peripherals.

The company has undertaken a review of the industry and the IP landscape to validate its value proposition and plan of execution. The support of SMART Cymru has been instrumental in clarifying its route to market and viability as a technology platform. The project has allowed the company to proceed with building its IP portfolio and define its first minimum viable product. It has allowed the company to secure offers of further investment by the end of the year. 

The successful development of large area and conformal fingerprint sensors will generate significant income, enabling expansion of the business’s design and development capabilities within Wales. Already listed as one of the top 20 fingerprint companies in the World Touch Biometrix now aim to be one of the top 5 solution providers by 2020.

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