SMART Cymru supports Zoneart Networks to develop a Wi-Fi access point with high accuracy geo-location capability

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Zoneart Networks Ltd
Closing date: 30/08/2018

SMART Cymru helped them through the technical and commercial feasibility, de-risk and product development, and Exploitation allowing them to bring the product to market.

Wi-Fi location solutions are inaccurate and slow, requiring multiple access points, making them costly. They tell you roughly where someone or something was, tens of seconds ago which is sufficient for static items but less useful for things that move.

ZoneArt developed high-accuracy, high-speed geolocation technology to track Wi-Fi users via signals from a mobile device.  Capable of a level of accuracy of 50cm, with multiple updates per second and requires only a single access point. It does not require calibration on set up and the device does not need specific software. The accuracy and coverage are interdependent and scalable, from a single unit.

ZoneArt’s solution delivers cellular-style handover between access points. It takes account of congestion and finds the appropriate cell to use, avoiding a capacity crunch.

ZoneArt developed a new form of cybersecurity, ZoneOut. This allows the network owner to set a boundary and lock the perimeter of a network, allowing a user access based on their physical location. As it locates the user’s device using Wi-Fi, it cannot be fooled by a rogue device. ZoneOut can be used where security is important or to prevent abuse of free Wi-Fi.

“2017 saw us take our product to market, this started with in building demonstrations of real time geolocation and ZoneOut™. We’ve been overwhelmed by the level of interest and exciting commercial opportunities. We’ve had visitors from large Telco providers, channel partners and existing vendors, everyone has been amazed at our accuracy and real time geolocation, we’ve been told on many occasions we’ve achieved a real world first"

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