The parasite control planner has been developed to focus both farmer and vet on the important factors involved specifically with health planning for parasite control in cattle and sheep.

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The Welsh Pasture Project aims to provide information and management advice based on regional grass growth trends, which have been carefully recorded by the dedicated project farmers. Find out more

Sampling, testing and one-to-one advice from local vets is available for Welsh farm businesses registered with Farming Connect.

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M-SParc is hosting its first Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Agri Hac. The Hac is an opportunity to pitch solutions which have a link to AI. Support will be offered to the winners in order to help them create a business proposition to take their ideas forward. Find out more

Join us and industry experts for a wide range of topical webinars aimed at providing useful support and information to you during this uncertain time.

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Farming Connect - helping you drive your business forward

Our enhanced programme is providing support which is transforming the business prospects of thousands of farmers and foresters.

Many services are fully funded, others are subsidised by up to 80%

To benefit from all that’s now on offer, you will need to register for the programme. Individuals registered under the previous programme will need to re-register.

Check the eligibility criteria, which has now been widened to include more farmers and foresters with smaller holdings, new categories of self-employed contractors and food businesses.

With our support you could:

  • benefit from subsidised business support, tailored to your business needs
  • reduce outputs and increase efficiency across all areas of your business
  • benchmark your performance and work towards progress and growth
  • identify areas for improvement and find solutions to problems
  • develop your skills as part of our new continuing professional development/lifelong learning programme
  • keep up to date with the latest innovations in technology through industry developments and the latest research projects
  • share best practice and benefit from the knowledge of other farmers, industry experts and academic research
  • be inspired by new ideas and find more efficient and innovative ways of working

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