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Agri Lab

Embrace innovation, stay ahead of your competitors

Being open to new ideas and new or improved ways of working means embracing innovation – an essential element for all businesses wanting to develop and progress.

Its first task is to establish the Agri-Lab Forum which will bring together forward-thinking individuals whose remit will be to identify and consider new technologies and innovations that could benefit Welsh farmers and foresters. The Forum may also bring in experts from the UK’s leading research institutions and relevant industry stakeholders. 

Their role, through the Agri-Lab, will be to:

  • identify and review innovative technologies and practices which would benefit  Welsh farmers and foresters
  • disseminate knowledge on latest technological advances to the industry using a range of communications channels

Due to the nature and pace of change of innovation, we will be open to ideas on what topics or areas of work to cover during the initial phase of Agri-Lab.

A prominent area will be dedicated at this year’s exhibition at the Royal Welsh Show for the Agri Lab to demonstrate a selection of innovations to the wider farming and forestry public.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Agri Lab, get in touch.