Why Gwydion would be an effective mentor

  • After graduating, Gwydion returned home to work on the family farm. At the time they kept 400 sheep and 50 milking cows and Gwydion began to search for ways to improve the business and make the farm more profitable in the future. He decided to concentrate on the milking herd as his interest was stronger in that sector and he felt it was the best way to maximise output from the farm
  • Gwydion gradually reduced the sheep numbers and increased the dairy aspect of the business, setting out to create a simple, low cost system producing milk from grass. The herd is made up of 160 mainly crossbred cows that graze from mid February until mid November on a paddock system
  • There was some investment in the infrastructure of the farm, erecting new silage pits and extending the cubicle housing, as well as creating cow tracks, fencing the paddocks and improving the water provision. Gwydion measures the grass every one to three weeks and also undertakes regular soil sampling
  • In 2013 Gwydion and a business partner began to transform a local sheep farm into a dairy unit. New cow tracks were created, along with improvements to the fencing and water provision. The farm now has 450 cows on an extended grazing system. Gwydion is jointly responsible for managing the farm, as well as his family farm. This enterprise has given him many new experiences, including managing staff, managing his own time and further developing his business skills
  • Gwydion is a member of a local discussion group and enjoys attending open days to expand his horizons. He believes he has extensive experience within the industry and the interpersonal skills to be a mentor 

Current farm business

  • 200 acres owned, plus a further 40 acres rented
  • 160 spring calving cows on an extended grazing system, plus 100 youngstock
  • 50% share in a 450-cow dairy farm

Qualifications/ achievements/ experience

  • BSc in Agriculture, Aberystwyth University 2004
  • Working at home on the farm since 2004
  • Study tour to New Zealand 2007
  • Part of a joint enterprise on a 450-cow dairy unit since 2013
  • Member of the Young Entrants Support Scheme


“It’s important to share information with other people to learn from them and see what they’re doing. Just by talking to others you can learn new things that could help your business.”
“Be prepared to work hard and you will see the results.”