Why Richard would be an effective mentor

  • Richard has managed the family farm for 17 years. During that time it has evolved from being a traditional beef and sheep unit to a grass-based enterprise, with a spring block calving dairy herd and a rotational grazing beef herd
  • The changes were made to maximise the farm’s ability to drive income from grass. Richard felt he had to react to changes in farming, including changes to payment systems, so the suckler cow enterprise has now finished and a spring calving dairy system has been established
  • The dairy joint enterprise was established in 2015 between Richard, one of his employees and an established dairy farmer. Richard felt his skill set in dairy was limited and he wanted to create an opportunity for one of his workers, so he felt the joint venture with an established dairy farmer, who is also involved in other joint enterprises, was the best option
  • As a Farming Connect demonstration farm, Richard undertook numerous projects looking into the costings and profitability of different systems, which eventually led to a greater focus on grassland productivity and rotational grazing
  • Richard is looking to develop the sheep flock over the next few years to make it as efficient as possible
  • During the last 20 years Richard has gained a wealth of agricultural knowledge across a wide variety of enterprises, including those he is currently involved with and his previous suckler cow and arable enterprises, giving him a wide practical base to draw from
  • Richard has a track record of developing staff, from farm workers through to farm managers.  Hebelieves the people within his business are his greatest asset and his ability to advise and inspire them is one of his key strengths
  • Richard views the opportunity to support and mentor a young person coming into the industry as a privilege which hopefully would prove to be mutually beneficial

Current farm business

  • 600 acres owned, 150 acres on a Farm Business Tenancy
  • 800 breeding ewes. Lambing mid-January, lambs creep fed and finished in May
  • Joint venture in a dairy enterprise. 360 crossbred cows on spring block calving, extended grazing system. The cows graze for nine months of the year.
  • 800 male Friesians, reared as calves on an intensive rotational grazing system and finished at 24 months

Qualifications/ achievements/ experience

  • Farming Connect Demonstration Farm 2010-2014
  • Hybu Cig Cymru Demonstration Farm 2008-2010
  • Two years spent working in New Zealand and Australia 1995-1997
  • Managed family farm for 17 years
  • Hybu Cig Cymru board member
  • NFU Cymru livestock board member


“Be open to change.”

“Never stop learning.”